Commission Information



Base Prices:

Type Clean Sketch Only Lineart Flat Color Full Color
Bust/Icon $20 $35 $40 $65
Waist $30 $40 $45 $85
Full Body $35 $52 $57 $120

Extra Notes:

  • Extra Character = +½ Base Price.

  • Background goes from 5 to 30 dollars depending on complexity.

  • Flat and Full Colors naturally come with Lineart, but one can choose between Clean Sketch or Lineart if desired but prices won't change.

  • Prices may depend on pose complexity.

  • Payment is via Paypal.

Terms Of Service.

  • I maintain the rights to my work in any form.

  • I have the right to decline or refuse any commission for any reason.

  • I can post the finished commissions on my socials for advertising. Unless the commissioner asks me not to do so.

  • I do NOT allow the use of my art for NFT's

  • You can print your commission for personal use, but not for profit.

  • Editing, cropping or resizing is ok as long as you keep my credit.

  • You can post it on your socials, but credit, link back or @ me.

  • You can use it on your Website, but credit me please <3


  • Half or Full pay upfront.

  • Please tell me before posting on your socials, I just want to share it too.

  • All work comes with signature. No, i wont take it off, but i can make it more subtle

  • Small edits and corrections to finished pieces are fine, but large edits and redraws have to be paid.

I Will Draw:

  • Humanoid Characters

  • Human Characters

  • Simple Robot/Mecha

  • Original/Fan Characters

  • OC Ship art

  • Self-Insert

I Will NOT Draw:

  • NSFW (Porn or Gore)

  • K-POP or DreamSMP Fanart

  • Wonder Bread

  • Furry (idk how srry)

  • Super complex Robot/Mecha

  • Fetish


My methods of contact are via direct message in any of my linked socials (Tumblr or Twitter) OR an e-mail.

Cool Tips and Tricks for sending me an e-mail:

  • Say the type of drawing along with the type of coloring that you want. Example: Icon and Full Color.

  • Attach a link or images of character references, it makes life easier.

  • Quick sketch of your idea, it doesn't have to be nicely made.

  • Add other ways of contacting you if possible.