New year, i hope i do a redesign of the Index, added the final art of last year and made a button to access the 2023 art, i still hadnt done much, i'll add later.

Slight fixes, more art.

FRIDGE FRIGDE FRIGDE FRIDGE ← forgot to add this.

When you notice this becomes more and more a little blog the more i update. uhh, fixed layouts at art, the frame layouts (the 2022 and 2021, im working on 2020 and 2019) they have a filter too thanks to nya network and Koinuko, thanks.

Damn, almost a whole month huh? yeah, i was doing work and stuff uhh, index update, as y'all can see, also i updated the layout of art, plus new art and about the webmaster layout also got updated. im working on the blog and its entries dont worry about it, also the Optimus shrine, im working on that. ah yes, also, the change log got made into an iframe, and i added the To-Do section of the index, its a frame too.

INDEX UPDATEEEE, now we have a pop-up webamp player so you can play music without interruption for the whole page, please mute my page while using it, i need to retire the players from the other sections 😩 also, i have finished the are for the self-insert webring!. so yeah, that's all for now.

Updated my art page :], I actually revamped it a lot and changed the layout and all, plus, i added bunch of old art, im very meh about it.

New Index!! wOO!! I actually finished it on february, but, i was practically perfecting it, and it has automatic dark theme! If you dont see it is probably bc your system is on light mode.

LESGOOO I think i finally finished my Optimus Shrine!!!, but it lacks of music player, but who cares, am i right? also i think i'll start to be a little more open in these update logs, uh, some various things got fixed and figured CSS a little bit more.

Portfolio.html page updated. New Art!! :]]

Cool_Linkz.html added.

Porfolio.html Added, Sticker_Book.html Added.

Index Layout Change, Kaomoji Collection Update.

Kaomoji_Collection Added.

Minor Fixes, Shrine Index Added.

Index Layout Change.

Link Page added.

Index Finished.

Site Creation.