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Hoi! on this page i'll share hyperlinks to pages i usually find useful or amusing, in no particualer order, so take a look around and bookmark what you think you'll need someday.

» Photo Editing / Text Editors / Fun Stuff «

» Photo Editing «

as the name says, it removes backgrounds from images, very good for making memes at lightspeed and for when you dont want to remove that white background from that stock image... when i discovered it, it didn't had a file size paywall, but that's how life is. 

Literally photoshop, but on your browser. I actually never tried it since i've never had the necesity, but, who knows.

Good and easy photo "glitcher" its freaking poggers, you should try it sometimes.

Dither Me This
It dithers your photo, but in a poggers, old-stylish way.

Avatar Cropper
You upload a photo and crops it, it has a way to see it in other sizes so can ensure it looks good, i always use it since pfp croppers in social media suck and manually cropping with my image editor of choice is always a hit or miss.

» Text Editing/Based «

HTML CSS JavaScript
Its an online HTML/CSS/JS editor, with some other fun stuff in there, i usually just use the HTML editor for when i write without having to manually put in all the tags.

My beloved, i use this when the bitly links are broken but you still see where it wanted you to go, i used it multiple times and always saves my life. The page have other cool stuff too, so check it out.

Unit-Converters - Text Tools
I usually use this for when i need to randomcase but not wanting to manually do it, so this generates it for me, it has bunch of other stuff, like another HTML editor, but more complete this time, but since it doesnt have a live feed i don't really use it.

Donger List
A Kaomoji List (⋆ꈍ꒳ꈍ⋆)✧*。

It has OldSchool™️ fonts in there.

Font Squirrel - Web Font Generator
You upload your font, and it generates the file to make it compatible with web usage, great for when you want a custom font for your website and dont wan't to use googlefont.

» Fun Stuff «

Unfair Undyne
Ooohh, i love this one, it's one of my favorites, it doesnt mark the arrows as red like the game does, BUT THAT ONLY MAKES IT MORE CHALLENGING!!

PetPet Generator

TETRIS BUT ON YOUR BROWSER, its poggers stuff, but it needs your hardware acceleration on, but you can have it on your desktop, so, whatever.

This don't really fit in any of the sections, but it has a bunch of converters and stuff to edit video, audio and pdf's.

NightWave Plaza
Radio Station that plays Vaporwave and some other genders.

かわいいフリー第材集 いらすとや
Cute free material collection Irasutoya

THE japanese clipart. super nice, super cute AND you can search in english.

Floatie: Happy Bun by @gijinkaz on DA

When The Night Is Coming